Sometimes you have to diversify your service…

As a home inspector, you are more likely to find me on a roof or inside an attic or crawlspace than in a grassy field at Mary’s Land Farm in Ellicott City. But last Saturday, I was lucky enough to spend a beautiful morning at their farm participating in a Trunk or Treat, organized by a local Facebook Community to raise money for Make-A-Wish. In just two hours, thirty vendors were able to help the community raise $1500 for the foundation and we learned later that Mary’s Land Farm donated the use of their space allowing all money raised to go directly to Make-A-Wish. How fantastic is that?!

Realizing I couldn’t simply go as a home inspector, but still wanting to put my inspection skills to use, I attended as a candy inspector! The costumes I saw were great and tested my “daddy knowledge” by guessing characters that my soon to be 3 year-old daughter has only recently introduced to me. But even though the kids chose a wide range of costumes, they all shared the same skepticism in letting me anywhere near their candy. Smart kids!

I encourage everyone to learn more about Make-A-Wish and if you have the time and want to support a local family farm with a big heart, pay a visit to Mary’s Land Farm in Ellicott City. They routinely have events for families and sometimes offer tours around the farm along with an opportunity to go home with some incredible products.

Published by Aaron Ankeny

Certified Professional Home Inspector Maryland Home Inspector License #33406 Maryland Association of Home Inspectors #53263870 International Association of Home Inspectors #NACHI19043023

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