January is National Radon Action Month!

With today’s access to information, it is surprising to me every time I hear a recent home buyer mention they haven’t heard of radon gas and didn’t get their home tested. Maybe it is just that the 30-45 days between contract and closing is a blur as there is usually a ton of stress and activity when purchasing a home. But the fact is, there are a lot of people unaware of radon gas and the risk it poses to them and their family. So there is no better time than National Radon Action Month to talk about radon gas and help spread the word of its impact.

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Radon gas is everywhere and is a known carcinogen that can result in lung cancer. In fact, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer, taking approximately 21,000 lives each year in America. It is not something you can taste, smell, or see and only a test will give you insight into the levels within a home. Buildings such as homes allow the gas to concentrate to higher levels than outdoors which is why it is critical to get a home tested. If a home is found to have elevated levels, a mitigation system can be installed to reduce the levels and the risk of lung cancer. Simply put, the home can be fixed!

The best time or year to test a home for radon gas levels, according to the EPA, is when your heating system is running day and night… making the month of January an ideal time to test. So regardless of whether you decide to hire a professional or use a DIY testing kit, TEST TEST TEST your home! Test your home at least every 2 years if you have a mitigation system to verify its effectiveness or at least every 5 years if your last test showed levels were low.

Call us to schedule a test of the radon levels in your home at 443-559-7028. Testing only takes 2-3 days and we can provide your results immediately with guidance if results are high.

Check out our other services at https://insideouthomeinspector.com/services

To learn more about radon gas, visit the EPA website https://www.epa.gov/radon/radon-resources-individuals-and-families

Image source: https://www.lung.org/local-content/illinois/our-initiatives/illinois-radon-poster-contest.html

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