When was the last time you took your car or truck into the shop for routine service? Did the service technician give you a long list of things they checked like the brakes, belts, fluids, and hoses? Did they identify some things to fix and were you thankful they caught it before you were stranded on the side of the road or even worse, had an accident?

Now, when was the last time you had your home inspected? Home inspections aren’t just for when you are evaluating a home purchase. Your home is a major investment yet oftentimes, it gets little attention until something breaks or it is time to sell. The fact is, things do break or deteriorate, and small problems that are relatively easy and cheap to correct can lead to $1000s in repairs. A home maintenance inspection will identify routine maintenance needed and any repairs necessary to keep you home in tip top shape, stopping most problems before they become serious. It is wise to protect your biggest investment and get it inspected.

At Inside Out Home Inspector, we only provide inspection services. We do not perform repairs or sell products so you can rest assured that our inspection will be objective to help protect your home and your family. Call us at 443-559-7028 to schedule a check-up for your home.

Published by Aaron Ankeny

Certified Professional Home Inspector Maryland Home Inspector License #33406 Maryland Association of Home Inspectors #53263870 International Association of Home Inspectors #NACHI19043023

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